Gangotri Yatra

GANGOTRI: This sacred shrine, situated at an altitude of 3,200 Mt is the source of the river Bhagirathi. The mountain peaks of shivling, satopanth and Bhagirathi sisters surround it. Accessible by a motor able road, it is one of the most pious Hindu pilgrimages. 


ALTITUDE:  3,200 MT 
CLIMATE:            SUMMER: Cool during the day and cold at night. 
WINTER: Snow-bound. Touching sub-zero 
CLOTHING:           SUMMER: Light Woolens 
WINTER: Very Heavy Woolens 


RAIL: Nearest railhead is at Haridwar 280 kms 

ROAD: Road to Uttarkashi- connects Gangotri -Kashi, Tehri Garhwal and Rishikesh and from there to other parts of the country. 

Important road distances are 

Uttarkashi 97 kms,  Tehri 167 kms, 
Dharasu 125 kms, Yamunotri 232 kms & Mussorie 275 kms.


{a} TEMPLE OF GANGOTRI: As the legend goes, Raja Bhagirath used to worship Lord Shiva at the sacred stone near which the temple is located. It is believed that 

Goddess Ganga first descended to earth from heaven, at this stone. 

Amar Singh Thapa, the Gorkha Commander of Garhwal, in the 18th century AD constructed this temple. It is also believed that the Pandavas came here to perform the great “ Deva Yagna” to atone the death of their kinsmen in the battle of Mahabharat. 

{b} SUBMERGED SHIVLING: Submerged in the river, this natural rock shivling is the place where, according to mythology, Lord Shiva sat when he received the Ganga in his matted locks. It is visible in winter months when water level decreases. 


NANDANVAN TAPOVAN: These two spots are situated opposite the Gangotri Glacier further up from Gaumukh, at a distance of 06 kms from where visitors can have a superb view of the majestic Shivling peak. 

KEDARTAL: A spectacular lake situated at a distance of about 18kms trek from Gangotri, negotiable through a rough mountain trail. The trek is very tiring and testing even for a hardy trekker. There is no facility of any kind on the way and one has to make all arrangements in advance. A local guide is essential. 

The lake is crystal clear with the mighty Thalaysagar (sphatikling) peak forming a splendid backdrop. The place is about 15,000 feet above sea – level and is the base camp for scaling to Thalaysagar, Jogin, Bhrigupanth and other peaks. 

KEDAR GANGA SANGAM: Around 100yards from the Ganga temple, flows the river Kedar Ganga. Starting from the Kedar Valley, this river meets the Bhagirathi River on its left bank. 

GAUMUKH: This is the snout of the Gangotri glacier and the present source of the Bhagirathi River. The devotees who do not miss the opportunity to have a holy dip in the bone chilling icy water hold it in high esteem. The 18kms distance from Gangotri has to be covered on foot or by ponies. The trek is easy and many people come back to Gangotri the same day. Porters and ponies are available for excursion to gaumukh and other trekking routes at Gangotri. There is a Tourist Bungalow at Bhojbasa, 14kms from Gangotri where lodging and other facilities are available. 

BHAIRONGHATI: 10kms from Gangotri. Astride the road to Uttarkasi and near the confluence of Jat Ganga and Bhagirathi rivers is situated, Bhaironghati. 

The temple of Bhairav Nath surrounded by thick forests is worth visiting. 

BHAIRON MANDIR: After traveling by road from Lanka to Bhaironghati one has to cross the Jahanvi River on foot. After crossing the Jahanvi River and moving uphill, the Bhairon temple can be seen. 

HARSIL: 26 km from Gangotri. Located in the topographically mountainous district of Uttarkashi, this hamlet is famous for its natural beauty and delicious apples. 

Harsil is situated at a distance of 72kms from Uttarkashi on the main highway to Gangotri and is at a height of 2,620mt above sea level. 

From Harsil, the adventurous tourist can trek to Sat Tal, situated just above Dharali, 2km beyond Harsil, to be greeted by the rewarding sight of seven lakes situated amidst beautiful natural surroundings. 

The Harsil-Jangala Chatti routes are amidst dense Deodar forest. 

GANGNANI: 55kms from Gangotri. Noted for its thermal springs and close-up views of famous mountain peaks, its peaceful and tranquilizing environment provides an ideal setting for meditation. 

BHATWARI: 70kms from Gangotri. It is a small upcoming town located at about 25kms from Gangnani. 

MANERI: 92KMS FROM Gangotri. It has lately emerged as a place of tourist interest as a result of the construction of a dam across the Bhagirathi River, from where the water is fed to the turbines through a 08km long tunnel at Tiloth in Uttarkashi. The resultant lake at Maneri has added to the charm of the place. 

UTTARKASHI: 107kms from Gangotri. An important pilgrimage center equated with Varanasi or Kashi in divinity. It is located in a wide stretch of the valley. 

Situated at a distance of 155 kms from Rishikesh, the last railhead, at an elevation of 1,150mt above sea level on the bank of river Bhagirathi, this picturesque town is also the district headquarter. From the religious point of view as well, it is considered important 

Because the temple of Lord Viswanath, is erected. Description about this temple is given in ‘ Kedar Khand’ (Skand Puran). The other important temples situated here are Ekadash Rudra, Bhairav and Gyaneshwar. The temple of goddess Kuteti Devi is situated at the top of hills about 1.5 km away. 

The Nehru Institute of Mountaineering is also located on a hill above the town, 05kms away. Close by at Ujeli are a number of Ashrams and temples. On the occasion of “Magh Mela” (January14), every year people from far and near visit Uttarkashi to take a holy dip in Bhagirathi along with the idol of they’re village deity. 

DAYARA BUGYAL: Bugyal, in the local language means “high altitude meadow.” The road to Dayara Bughal branches off near Bhatwari a place on Uttarkashi-Gangotri road about 32km from Uttarkashi. Vehicles can go up to the village of Barsu from where one has to trek a distance of about 08km to reach Dayara. Situated at an elevation of about 3,190mt above sea level, this vast meadow is second to none in natural beauty. During winters it provides excellent ski slopes over an area of 

From this spot one can trek down to Dodi Tal, which is about 30km away, through dense forests. 

DODITAL: THE ROAD FROM Uttarkashi to Gangotri bifurcates at 04km from Uttarkashi and vehicles can go unto Kalyani, 07km further up, from where, Agoda is 05km trek away at an altitude of 3,307mt. The trek from there ascends gradually through thick forests and beautiful mountainous scenery. Dodital, a sparkling and crystal clear lake surrounded by forests is 16km further, at an elevation of 3,307mt. The famous Himalayan trout’s are found in abundance in the lake. Permit for fishing can be obtained from the Divisional Forests Officer, Uttarkashi. 

There is a beautiful Camping site, forests rest house and a log cabin by the side of the lake. From there one can trek down to Hanumanchatti (27km) and then to Yamunotri. 

NACHIKETA TAL: A drive through the terraced fields takes one to Chaurangi-Khal, a place 29 kms from Uttarkashi. From there a 03km trek through lush green forests takes one to Nachiketa Tal, a tranquil spot. There is greenery all around and a small temple at the bank of the lakes gives it a serene look. Nachiketa, the devout son of Saint Uddalak, is said to have created this lake, hence the name. 

There is no accommodation facility and visitors have either to come back to Uttarkashi or stay at the PWD Inspection House at Chaurangi – Khal. 

TEHRI: Former capital of Tehri Garhwal principality. The town lies at the confluence of Bhagirathi and Bhilangana rivers. It is also the site of a giant hydel project. 

NARENDRANAGAR: This new capital of erstwhile Tehri state commands a panoramic view of the Ganga Valley of Rishikesh and the plains of Haridwar. There is a Tourist Office at Narendranagar. 

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